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Is your business paying too much for energy? 75% of our new clients saved at least 25% on their utilities straight away Cutting business costs with a local touch...At Fairnet Commercial Services we make saving your business money simple and hassle free Act now, don't delay. Timing is vital.  Even a small delay could mean you'll miss out on huge savings.  Don't hesitate.

Why Choose Fairnet Commercial Services?

“Fairnet Commercial Services is not simply another Energy Broker”

With an in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and an advanced client management system, we ensure that our clients manage their energy purchasing effectively, with the minimum of hassle and if you need any help our Local Consultants are available to provide friendly support.

Whether you are large or small our expertise and contacts with all the major suppliers make getting the best deal for your energy supplies as simple as possible – we have the experience to recommend the best strategies for the ever changing market conditions.

Our specialist services assist many companies and organisations to benefit from excellent buying power – whether it is Reverse Auctions to increase the number of suppliers bidding for your business or Energy Buying Groups for companies or organisations, so that independent members can benefit from the buying power of all the members.

We always provide impartial advice and work on behalf of our clients to ensure they are confident they have the best supply requirements for their business.

Our clients never have the worry of being rolled over into a poor contract because our Contract Monitoring and Termination service ensures they give the correct notice and can benefit from the great rates we can secure.

We have good relationships and deal with all the energy suppliers and are big enough to negotiate bespoke solutions if a client specific situation requirements this – we thoroughly understand supplier and market developments and have the experience to know when our clients would benefit from these developments. 

Making sure you're with the right energy supplier for your business is important but the timing might be critical

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