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Is your business paying too much for energy? 75% of our new clients saved at least 25% on their utilities straight away Cutting business costs with a local touch...At Fairnet Commercial Services we make saving your business money simple and hassle free Act now, don't delay. Timing is vital.  Even a small delay could mean you'll miss out on huge savings.  Don't hesitate.

Testimonials from Commercial Utility Customers

Toni & Guy Soho

"I had been researching different electricity companies and those that help you save money like Uswtich.com for over a month and to be honest I was getting so confused I gave up. 

Then after talking to Mascolo & Styles they told me they had started working with Fairnet and their salons had already saved money on their electricity so I gave them a go. 

I had nothing to lose, they had our last invoices from our current supplier so they could research the best rate and within 48 hours they had saved us over £3,500 for the year as we weren't on a contract rate, this is one of the reasons you might be paying more than you need to

Thanks to Fairnet our monthly payments are now over half of what we were paying!"

Glen Clough, Director, Toni & Guy Soho

Invicta IT Solutions - Canterbury

"Our last energy broker agreed a contract for us nearly a year ago, however, we found out they had not filled the contract out correctly and we were placed on expensive rates for over six months; we contacted the customer services department of our supplier and they offered a 3 month back-date – we were not happy with this and luckily we knew a Fairnet Local Consultant – he took the problem away for us.

Fairnet contacted our electricity supplier and within 2 days they had agreed to re-instate the original contract and provide us with a credit.

Thanks for helping us."

Tracy Hadlow, General Manager, Invicta IT Solutions

Aagrah Group of Restaurants

"Fairnet’s service has been second to non, providing us with professional help when we needed it most – we’ve already saved over £10,000 per year on one of our restaurants compared to prices negotiated by a large energy consultant - I’m very happy we met them through a referral."

Jim Armstrong, Deputy Managing Director, Aagrah Group of Restaurants

Making sure you're with the right energy supplier for your business is important but the timing might be critical

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