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Energy Procurement

"We are experts in energy buying so you can be experts in your business"

With an in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and an advanced client management system, we ensure that our clients manage their energy purchasing effectively, with the minimum of hassle.

Our managed energy service offers a complete solution to your electricity and gas purchasing requirements. We collate and evaluate all supporting information before recommending a procurement strategy to suit your needs from a simple but detailed price comparison to an online reverse auction, providing full visibility of supplier responses to your energy tender.

You select the right option for your business and we complete the administration and registration process to ensure a seamless, hassle free client experience.

We cover all types of electricity and gas supply from "01 - 08" or Non-Half Hourly Meters to sites with "00" Meters or Half Hourly Meters for large commercial supply - In what is becoming one of the most volatile commodities markets in the world, we offer you the reassurance that you are placing your purchasing in the hands of experts who thoroughly understand the vagaries of the market, and have years of market experience.

We always offer impartial advice.

All we need is a Letter of Authority and copies of your current bills, which allows us to act on your behalf in securing the best solutions for your business.

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Making sure you're with the right energy supplier for your business is important but the timing might be critical

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