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Contract Monitoring and Termination

We like to save our clients money which means they come back year after year, but we often find that new clients contact us too late which means they have to wait over a year, or even longer, to get the best prices for energy supplies.

Navigating the minefield of complex terms and conditions, hitting small cancellation windows when you've got your business to run, it's just another headache you could do without, but a missed termination notice can mean paying an extra 25% to 40% if your contract is 'rolled over'.

Registering with Fairnet Commercial Services means that we will monitor your contract for you and terminate your contract at the correct time.

Don't wait, it could cost you a lot of money…

Sign up for our free contract monitoring and termination service and we'll make sure you can benefit from the best rates for your new contract - all we need is a signed Letter of Authority and copy bills

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Making sure you're with the right energy supplier for your business is important but the timing might be critical

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