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Is your business paying too much for energy? 75% of our new clients saved at least 25% on their utilities straight away Cutting business costs with a local touch...At Fairnet Commercial Services we make saving your business money simple and hassle free Act now, don't delay. Timing is vital.  Even a small delay could mean you'll miss out on huge savings.  Don't hesitate.

Local Energy Consultants

We Search – You Sell

A core part of our service is our Local Consultants who provide “The missing link to good quality service”

We are always looking for people who are passionate about doing the best for clients and are happy to go the extra step to ensure a clients needs are met.

For many of our clients, expert support on hand and on their doorstep is one of the key benefits that Fairnet delivers – and why so many of them stay with us for so long.

By working with Fairnet Commercial Services you can earn a consistant income and be confident you have the support of a highly professional company to ensure long term client retention. 

The benefits of our service:

  1. A comprehensive tendering, pricing and price comparison service to suit your needs and the needs of your clients.
  2. Energy industry experts managing the broking service ensuring complete confidence.
  3. Complete administration of your teams or affiliates, including commission payments.
  4. Full access to UtilityManager247 so you see all your client information.
  5. Complete business administration - you can even produce your company accounts using our software if you wish.

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