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Is your business paying too much for energy? 75% of our new clients saved at least 25% on their utilities straight away Cutting business costs with a local touch...At Fairnet Commercial Services we make saving your business money simple and hassle free Act now, don't delay. Timing is vital.  Even a small delay could mean you'll miss out on huge savings.  Don't hesitate.

About Fairnet Commercial Services

Founded in 2006, Fairnet was established to deliver a step change in energy buying; initially focussing on building Energy Buying Groups for organisations so that independent members benefitted from the buying power of all the members - we soon found that our service could deliver for all businesses, small or large, and we sought to develop a network of friendly, customer oriented, Local Consultants to both refer our service and provide the necessary help many business’s need.

The founder, Keith Moore, has considerable experience in business management and business planning and saw the need for improved processes and service in Energy Broking, ensuring that clients could focus on their business, rather than wasting time on trying to wade through the minefield of energy procurement.

The key point of difference for Fairnet Commercial Services is expert energy buying combined with efficient technology and a personal service to assist clients … we provide the missing link to good quality service. 

We also believe passionately that we should save our clients money in every way possible, so unlike most energy consultancies, we provide clients with advice and access to energy saving technologies, even though it impacts on our income – we know that our client are more profitable and are more likely to grow so we benefit in the long run – they also stay with us!

The business has grown in expertise and has developed advanced technologies and experience to improve on Fairnet’s original service, delivering what we feel is the best available solutions to satisfy clients’ needs.

All our staff and  Local Consultants are passionate about doing the best for our clients … we go the extra step.

Making sure you're with the right energy supplier for your business is important but the timing might be critical

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